I have had the privilege of being involved in the production and scriptwriting of three music videos for artists from diverse backgrounds. This has been an enriching process and an incredible team effort. Each video has explored a unique audiovisual language, yet they all share the same passion for discovering new ways of storytelling. 
During this first quarter I participated in the script and creative direction of two projects led by women. The first is "Ella", the cypher that accompanies the inauguration of: Gorgona, a new record label led by women for women. The second is the continuation of Gaby Noya's musical project, "Tacho", a catchy pop tune with a music video that goes along with the vibe.
Since 2020 I've worked as the creative director of Gaby Noya. Gaby's musical project has been a constant collaborative work, from the writing and directing the music videos, to the photography of her covers. 
Her latest release is "Me traicioné" featuring Venezuelan artist Sheryl Rubio, in which I collaborated in the script and creative direction of the music video.
I worked as creative director and producer on Gaby Noya's latest project. "Regreso" is an acoustic reinvention of all her musical work.
I co-wrote and had the opportunity to work alongside Gaby Noya in the direction of Hecho en China. 
I co-wrote and worked as a producer and creative director in this music videos: 
Hambre by Gaby Noya and Dopamina & Sunday Funday by Sharlene.
My second time directing a music video. This time Lisbon for José Otero, his first solo music single. 
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